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Pressure Activated Safety Lancet

ReadyLance and MedtLancet I Safety Lancets are the most innovative safety lancet,  designed for a convenient, easy and safe method for procuring blood samples.

ReadyLance Product Features

  • Unique, new ergonomic style for safety lancets, easier and  comfortable to grip.

  • Smaller round top provides more control of pressure needed to activate.

  • Completely protected cannula, provides more consistent quality.

  • Tri beveled, sharpened point, less pain procuring blood sample.

  • Patented internal dual spring mechanism: Provides smoother delivery of cannula. More stable delivery reduces pain and discomfort to patient.

  • Offers most gauge sizes - 18, 21, 23, 26, 28 and 30G.

  • Gamma sterilized, with five years shelf life.

MedtLancet I Product Features

  • Simple one-step function

  • Non-reusable safety feature

  • Available in six models

  • Packed 100 per box-20 boxes per case

  • Custom colors and packing available

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