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Dental Tips

Various kinds of dental tips for all purpose usage in dental clinics. Customized tips are also available.

Type I

Closed end Side-port cannula

Type II

Closed end Double-bore cannula

Type III

Blunt end Half-cut cannula

Type V

Blunt end cannula

Dental Irrigation Syringes

Disposable dental irrigation syringe with curved tip provides easy access for maximum canal irrigation. Plunger fits tightly, syringe is see-through.

  • Disposable plastic dental impression syringe for single use

  • Ideal for teeth cleaning, impression material injection, irrigation,and fluoride treatment

Luer-Lock Endo Irrigation Syringes

  • Ideal for surgical site irrigation

  • Compatible with all luer style needles and hubs

  • Disposable, non-sterile

  • Available in 4 sizes: 3 c.c., 6 c.c., 12 c.c. and 20 c.c.


3 c.c.

6 c.c.

12 c.c.

20 c.c.

Dental Needles

Dental needles available with metric inch and universal thread screw capability.

  • Sharp tri-beveled point, for maximun comfort

  • Screw-in system: inch type, metric type and universal type

  • Unit package: heat-sealed plastic container

  • Butt-end: size: 27G, 30G; length: 11mm


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